Online casino software house

Online casino software house

All casino games are based on computer products. The software constitutes the architecture of the casino, the gaming platform, which allows all operations to be carried out online, from the moment we register to the moment we withdraw the winnings. But also all slot machines, online roulette, casino games are nothing more than computer software. This is enough to make it clear that software houses are a fundamental element of the remote gambling sector.

Online casinos may offer real money games from a single manufacturer, or offer a catalog that draws on products from multiple providers. In Italy there are some real money casinos, which represent the platform open to the public for a specific software house. These single-brand sites offer the entire catalog of a particular manufacturer and in most cases are linked to it. Maybe they are part of the same company or group. These sites are the first to offer the latest news from that supplier and often also offer exclusive products in the catalogue เว็บสล็อต888.

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Compared to single-brand sites, real money casinos offering slot machines and other games from multiple software houses are more common . It is not uncommon to find online entertainment portals that offer 30 or more suppliers in their catalogue. Here players will be able to find their favorite slots from Italian and international companies, with a truly competitive variety and number of offers. Portals offering over a thousand games are not uncommon. These can also be searched for and selected on the basis of the software house that produced them.

Without a doubt, anyone who wants to enjoy real money games also wants to win real money. This is why it can be useful, when choosing a casino, to evaluate the RTP of the games offered on a given site. The acronym RTP stands for “ Return to player “, which in Italian is translated as “return in winnings to players”. This acronym is expressed with a percentage value which indicates how much of the total amount played in a slot machine or other game is returned to the players on average in the form of prizes.

For example, a slot machine with an RTP of 95%, out of €100 played, returns players €95 on average; the other 5 represent the casino profit. As for legal online casinos in Italy, there are legal impositions. For example, the slot machines offered on legal sites must necessarily have an RTP value greater than 90%.